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Mon, July 11 2016Posted:
RNC Convention Logo 2
10 Steps to Prepare for the 2016 Republican National Convention

By Olivia Kelley Delgado | July 11, 2016 The RNC Convention is less than a week away – can you believe it?!  As a seasoned Republican National Convention attendee, I get asked – a lot – about what to expect and, even more importantly, what to pack. Here’s the best advice I can give: 1. […]

Fri, July 08 2016Posted:
Four Things Direct Marketers Need to Know about the Postal Service Reform Act of 2016

By Alex Zamorski | July 8, 2016 Recently, The U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released their draft of the Postal Service Reform Act of 2016. This new postal reform is largely an echo of the 2013 Act, however there are four potential key reforms that direct marketers, nonprofit organizations, and political committees […]

Fri, July 01 2016Posted:
4th of July_440x220 twitter
Happy Independence Day!

Four Facts about the Fourth of July 1. We aren’t the only generation that embraces tools that allow us to work away from our desks. Thomas Jefferson actually drafted the Declaration of Independence on a “laptop” — a writing desk that fit on his lap. 2. John Dunlap, who owed a Philadelphia print shop and […]

Wed, June 29 2016Posted:
BLOG - David Long Post Image 1
Pulling Back the Curtain on a Successful Integrated Voter Contact Campaign – Senator David Long

By James Fletcher | June 29, 2016 This election cycle has been a storm of free-wheeling campaigns, well-funded PACS, and media spots that seem never ending. Safe incumbents are repeatedly facing the challenging overcast of populist outsiders, with an ability to spend large sums, in another year of primaries within the GOP. However, not all […]

Fri, May 27 2016Posted:
Happy Memorial Day from The Lukens Company

  “Memorial Day is a time to honor those who made America the greatest nation on Earth while paying the ultimate sacrifice.” – Seth “Memorial Day is a special day set apart to remember all the men and women who have sacrificed to make this world a safer place. It is the day we remember what […]

Wed, May 18 2016Posted:
Long Live Print! 5 Reasons Direct Mail is Still Highly Effective

by Alex Zamorski | May 18, 2016 Scrolling through most direct marketing magazines and websites, the majority of what you’ll find bounces between social media, mobile platforms, content marketing, Adwords, and other methods deemed much cooler and more cutting edge than direct mail. Since we’re all addicted to our smart phones and tethered to our […]

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