Erik Pfalzer

Erik Pfalzer

Vice President of Data and Analytics

Erik leads the data and analytics division of The Lukens Company. With nearly two decades of data processing and analytics experience, Erik is responsible for overseeing data processing, advancing TLC’s growing analytics capabilities, and ensuring that the company is up to speed on the latest technology. He recently earned a certificate in Data Science from Johns Hopkins University and continues to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in data and analytics.

Prior to joining The Lukens Company in 2010, Erik was the lead data processor and manager of a mail shop in upstate New York. This experience provided him with a unique end-to-end perspective on mail file creation, USPS process flow, and results analysis that has helped TLC refine the company’s data and analytics processes.

In addition to serving as Vice President of Data and Analytics, Erik contributes his time to The Lukens Company’s Employee Engagement Committee and is a ready participant in any contests, potlucks, and any other activities the committee dreams up.

Outside of the office, Erik enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and two dogs. If you see him around during the month of December, there’s a good chance he’s working on transforming his home into his award-winning Christmas Lights Extravaganza – boasting over 10,000 lights synced to music!

Kristopher Morris

About Kristopher Morris

Kristopher Morris is a Senior Digital Strategist at The Lukens Company, a direct-response marketing Agency in Arlington, VA, specializing in integrated multi-channel digital and direct mail campaigns for political and non-profit clients. He specializes in digital advertising and audience analysis to bolster community development, fundraising, and election efforts; with a focus on performance-based ROI. A veteran political strategist, Kristopher has a background in Congressional, state, and national operations. Contact Kristopher at 703.845.8484 or