James Knode

Senior Creative Director

James drives the creative process – from the overarching strategy, to concepts for individual voter contact pieces and fundraising packages, and the compelling copywriting that spurs immediate action – for the Lukens Company’s roster of political clients. Known for his ability to blend a client’s authentic, unique voice with the time-tested marketing techniques that persuade people to donate or vote the right way, James takes pride in delivering top-notch creative work for all of our clients, be they presidential candidates, U.S. House and Senate candidates, office-seekers at the state level, PACs, Party committees, policy/education foundations, and grassroots lobbying groups. His work has garnered a variety of Pollie and Maxie awards, and he regularly volunteers on the faculty of the Leadership Institute, helping conservative activists learn how to utilize direct response techniques to advance their causes.

Prior to joining The Lukens Company in 2005, James worked as the Director of State Legislation for the National Right to Work Committee, where he managed grassroots lobbying projects in over a dozen states.

James has always been interested in leveraging his creative writing skills to advance his agenda – his college admission essay featured an extended riff on how a little-known (at the time) document called the “Contract With America” would do more to advance liberalism than it would help the Republican Party (because term limits would result in the most effective conservative legislators – ie, those who master the skill of legislatively blocking the worst impulses of liberals – being forced out of office,). Don’t judge – the 90s were a weird moment in America, and his left-wing college administrators let him in anyway.

During his down time, James can be found reading at home, out with his wife sampling the fare of Northern Virginia’s finest off-the-beaten-path ethnic eateries, and chasing his daughter around the many playgrounds, nature trails, docks, and (when it’s raining) Target stores all over Alexandria.