Joe Goetz

Joe Goetz

Political Strategist

Joe leads a number of accounts at The Lukens Company including various Senate and Congressional campaigns, a number of conservative non-profit programs, the Republican National Committee, and the National Republican Congressional Committee.  Joe is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants and is a recipient of multiple Goldie and Maxie Awards.

Prior to joining The Lukens Company in 2015, Joe served in various capacities on some of the largest and most watched campaigns nationwide. With a focus on youth grassroots turnout and GOTV operations, Joe has developed an intimate understanding of how young, college-aged students and the voting public overall operate and how trends and tendencies affect campaigns in respective locals. Joe also brings a unique background in policy and business experience to The Lukens Company, working for a nationally-recognized state and local government affairs firm. This enabled him to understand how politics and policy intersect with corporate interests and how to effectively navigate the political process from local city councils all the way to national political movements.

A native of Long Island, Joe graduated from the University of Connecticut with a major in Political Science and minors in both Public Policy and Economics. While at UConn, Joe spent time working with his College Republican chapter and served in various capacities with his fraternity (all the while being lucky enough to see his Huskies win the March Madness tournament in 2011).

Joe is an avid sports fan, and in his free time enjoys watching his New York sports teams win (lately, this has been a pipe-dream). When he can, Joe heads back up to the Northeast to enjoy the colder weather, more treacherous traffic and sharper attitudes, all of which makes him feel at home. Currently living near the DC Navy Yard, Joe believes that living near his rival Washington Nationals’ home stadium keeps his enemies close and helps the Mets, in some way or another.