Jonathan Gormley

Jonathan Gormley

Vice President, Political Division

Jonathan Gormley is a nationally-known Republican campaign strategist, having worked in the Republican National Committee during the 2014 GOP takeover of the US Senate majority. Gormley has also served inside the US House of Representatives as a Chief of Staff.

Gormley has a winning track record in political campaign management, from his home state of Ohio to battlegrounds across the nation. At the RNC, Gormley managed multi-million dollar direct mail budgets in victories that won the U.S. Senate majority. He brought an empirical, data-driven mentality to the RNC culminating in Gormley directing over 200 paid field staff in winning the Louisiana U.S. Senate race. Simultaneously, Gormley conducted the largest scientific tests of campaign tactics ever undertaken by the RNC, the first such tests since the famous 72 Hour Program described in the book, The Victory Lab.

Gormley has mentored hundreds of Republican professionals from coast-to-coast. He led the RNC’s elite training programs to all time highs in women and minority graduates.
Gormley served inside the U.S. House of Representatives as Chief of Staff to a Member on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He managed the congressional office during the adoption of the first long-term Highway Bill in a decade.

Educated at Ohio University, Jonathan is a student of history. His best day was marrying his wife Alexandria on top of the Capitoline Hill in Rome, overlooking the ancient Roman Forum, among four dozen family and friends. Today, they live on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.