Olivia Kelley Delgado

Vice President of Political Services

As Vice President of Political Services for The Lukens Company, Olivia works to grow, maintain, and enhance the strength of the TLC Political Division’s client base.  She oversees business development, client services activities and the success of her team’s multichannel marketing programs for their clients.  For her efforts in designing and executing multiple creative direct response campaigns, Olivia has received numerous Pollie, Goldie, Reed, and MAXI Awards and is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants and Direct Marketing Association of Washington.

Olivia has more than a decade of major donor fundraising, direct response marketing, and event planning experience.  Prior to joining TLC in 2008, Olivia spent a year in Iowa for the 2008 Presidential Caucuses. During the 2006 cycle, she worked for the National Republican Congressional Committee as a Political Field Finance Director, where she was sent to over 20 targeted districts to help create finance budgets, cultivate and expand donor bases, and organize and manage Presidential, Vice Presidential, First Lady, and other top-tier surrogate events.  Before that, she served as the State Finance Director for the Nebraska and West Virginia Republican Parties.

A graduate of West Virginia University & proud Mountaineer alum, Olivia was born and raised in “Almost Heaven” and currently lives in Falls Church City, VA with her husband and two dogs.  She can often be found volunteering with her church, taking weekend road trips with her friends or visiting her family in the hills of West Virginia.  She also enjoys reading, going to sporting events and music concerts, traveling, and visiting vineyards along Virginia’s scenic wine trails.