Let us tell your story!

When it comes to creative, we’re not marketers . . . we’re story-tellers. Telling your story effectively and successfully means creating a fascination with your candidate, your organization, and your mission. To create demand, we don’t just write and design award winning e-mail, digital ads, phone scripts or direct mail letters (although we certainly do that – see it all here). We capture your voice, drilling down to the heart of your message, and conveying your passion for our shared principles and your vision for a better America. We combine that voice with compelling offers that not only appeal to the recipients’ self interest, but also makes them feel good about helping you accomplish your mission.

You can trust us to never lose sight of what your message is, and why your message is important. Because we have been in your shoes! Our entire political staff — from our copywriters to our account managers — has extensive real-world political experience. We’ve worked at some of America’s largest conservative non-profits and High-Profits Campaigns. We’ve lobbied state legislatures. We’ve served as Hill staffers. And we’ve worked directly for Republican candidates for office at all levels, from the state legislature to the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and President of the United States.

And we can put all that experience to work directly for you every day, helping you spread your message in a way that reaches voters and donors on an emotional level, and inspires them to take immediate action. To see some of award-winning packages, please click here.


A big picture solution.

Whether you’re launching a new campaign for public office, working to build a larger donor file for your non-profit organization, or seeking new ways to spread your message, generate publicity, or apply pressure on elected officials, we provide you with unparalleled expertise.

With nearly three decades of experience within Republican Party politics and the conservative movement, we understand how to tie varied communications and fundraising efforts into an integrated plan, engaging multiple constituencies in fundraising, supporter development, major donor identification and solicitation, persuasion, and voter persuasion.

Our success in implementing direct response programs is based on:

A. Our diverse experience — our account and creative staff have a wealth of campaign and grassroots lobbying experience. We have helped candidates and organizations ask for votes and money all over America. We know exactly why your time, your money, and your message are all so important. And;

B. Our thorough knowledge of the wide array of toolsets required for success in each marketing channel. We start by analyzing your entire program in the context of your mission. Then we apply analytical tools, sophisticated data-driven targeting techniques and award-winning creative to provide holistic solutions. Our multi-channel campaigns combine digital advertising strategies, with direct mail, telemarketing, email, and video — followed by the in-depth results analysis you need to determine next steps, with everything customized to help you raise more money, earn more votes, and exert more influence over public policy.


Talk to people on their terms.

No organization or candidate can afford to ignore any medium. With smartphones, tablets, and social media becoming increasingly ubiquitous, the American people have the ability to customize how they receive information like never before.

That is why your message is exponentially more powerful when you can deliver it across multiple channels. And that is why TLC’s “one-stop-shop” approach is so effective: we can provide you with a unified voice that is speaking across multiple channels, synchronizing your messages in the mail, over the phone, through email, and via digital advertising or video.

In doing so, we will not only lower your overall costs, we will produce increased response and donation levels.

And because you only have to deal with one agency for all your direct response needs, you will save precious time (especially critical the closer you are to Election Day, when you need to constantly adjust your messaging strategy and don’t have time to explain the details in a dozen different phone calls).

Big Data
& Targeting

Deliver your message
to the right people.

It is not enough just to have a compelling message. You have to deliver that message – over and over again – to the people who matter.

Are you wasting money trying to persuade voters who have already made up their minds?
Are you blindly delivering your message on a channel your audience prefers not to use?
Are you asking a donor for $25 when he can afford to send $2,500?

Stop! We have access to sophisticated instruments that will ensure you are reaching the donors and the voters most likely to take action.

We use tried-and-true methods like Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) analysis, as well as sophisticated mining of your data files to maximize your return on investment (ROI). More importantly, all of our strategies and programs are created with Lifetime Value (LTV) in mind.

We track LTV year over year by source and offer and account for renewals, upgrading, annual fund giving and even planned giving to determine which supporters have the highest profitability.

And we combine our real-world political experience with our data capabilities to effectively “slice and dice” the electorate in a way that allows you to communicate with small segments of the electorate, delivering finely-tuned messages on issues they care about.

We work with list brokers and managers across the country, including our in-house broker, Pinnacle List Company, and draw upon our experiences within numerous markets to secure the lists that are best-suited to expanding your universes and reach. In addition, we can conduct modeling on your housefile, identifying even more names to target  – expanding the reach of your campaigns and programs.


Accurate results
and a modern approach.

Have you ever suspected that your pollsters are fudging their numbers so they can tell you what you want to hear?
Are you concerned that recent technology advances have left your traditional polling methods obsolete?

We can help!

And in the most recent election cycle, we developed innovative new polling technology (using online surveys) that produced the most accurate results in the business. Just one example: we conducted a poll in Wisconsin during the last four days of the 2012 election.

Do you remember pundits and pollsters assuring you that Mitt Romney was going to take Wisconsin and the Badger State’s big prize of ten electoral votes?

We could have told you otherwise. Our online poll accurately predicted the winners in the Presidential race (Obama), the Senate race (Tammy Baldwin), and the 7th Congressional District (Sean Duffy).

And the difference between the actual election results and our poll prediction varied from just 0.1% to 1.2%.

Why was our online poll so much more accurate than traditional telephone surveys?

Because three or four years ago, we began noticing that phone surveys were skewing towards older populations.

With the internet becoming near-universal in America, and smartphones rapidly expanding their market share (35% of households do not have a landline), online surveys – when they are executed properly – became more reliable.

Not only do we know how to conduct these polls, we know how to provide the results to you in a way that is easily digestible and actionable. They are actionable in that not only do we understand how far the needle has to move (in any direction) for you to win, but we also understand HOW to win by identifying what motivates voting, what issues impact voting, and who potential voters are.

If you think you are up by five points, but you are down by five points, we’ll let you know (and tell you which segments of the population provide the best opportunities for you to gain ground).

By the same token, if you are leading by 25 points, we’ll tell you so (even if that means you will cancel some mailings we’d been planning together).

Why? Because earning your long-term trust and providing you with the REAL data is more important to us than the short-term profits from a few extra mailings that you really don’t need.

At the end of the day, our objective is the same as yours – winning!

When you come to us for your polling needs, you will walk away with accurate data that you can both trust and understand.

& Analytics

Making sense of your results.

When your most recent project or campaign is finished, we don’t just turn out the lights and go home. We immediately begin thinking about how we could have raised you even more money, earned you even more votes, or persuaded even more people to sign your petition. We closely (and continually) monitor your results and provide extensive analysis on all aspects of your campaigns.

Our reports analyze retention and conversion rates, performance across lists, packages, offers, geographic areas and channels, as well as historic performance and trends.

Our analyses also report on both cost-to-acquire and return on investment (ROI). We also encourage our clients to look at their programs through the prism of lifetime value, or what their members or donors are worth to their organization over the course of their lifetime involvement. By quantifying conversion and retention rates, LTV analysis provides our clients with a better perspective of their members’ or donors’ worth over a specified period of time, allowing organizations to make more strategic budget and program decisions.